Every aspect of you matters.

I spent many years thinking that I did not matter.

I lived in constant fear. I was suffering from depression, unforgiveness, regret, failure, and was traumatized/manipulated by negative thoughts.

My self-esteem ranked at zero but somehow I felt the need to fake that my life was perfect.

Like many, I put on a facade to the world and myself for many years. I took life as it came and I did not have a clue that there was more to me.

That was then…

As a result of God’s grace, I am now traveling the world educating on the importance of well-being.

I am an International Empowerment Speaker.  I have an Online Coaching Course that supports individuals and helps them realize their highest potential.  I am also  the Author of Be Incredibly Well Journey to a Better You as well as the Founder of The BIW Foundation and Personal Development Coach. To top it off, I even have my own talk show – Tosha Evans Live! Now that’s a mouthful.

These tremendous leaps were yielded as a result of God’s grace and my internal hard work.  Honestly, I still get overwhelmed at times.  I have moments where fear tries to creep in and to remedy those emotions, I still work on me and I am committed to helping you work on you.

Why, Because You Matter.  Actually, every aspect of you matters. Not to mention your life depends on it! The quality and direction of my life have positively transformed.

And yours can too!

There are so many opportunities for you to connect with us.  Tune into our youtube channel for inspiration and empowerment, join our newsletter, attend our workshops, conferences or partner with us. We are committed to helping you achieve results and experience the highest expression of yourself.


Tosha Evans is an International Empowerment Speaker, she has an Online Coaching Course that has helped business owners to build successful brands and increase revenue, Author of Be Incredibly Well Journey to a Better You, Personal Development Coach, and I her own talk show – Tosha Evans Live!

Tosha is a trailblazing well-being expert and has launched the Be Incredibly Well Global Well-Being Movement, a wellness platform that engages both live and virtual audiences across the globe. Tosha is the Founder of The BIW Foundation, an 501 (c) (3) organization that mentors High School and College students; committed to strengthening self-esteem, communication, leadership and life skills.

Her programs positively impact countless lives with the focus on providing individuals with hope, achieving their highest potential and with solutions on how to move forward in life.

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